Professional Janitorial Services

The Class Act team of expert janitorial professionals provide general janitorial services from the simplest cleaning tasks to any deep cleaning procedures that may be required. Our janitorial plans are customizable to meet your individual location´s needs. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver a more thorough level of clean for our clients. We are dedicated to making sure that your location looks its best by using the most state of the art cleaning processes and products to remove dirt, stains and substances that can be embedded in surfaces. We are committed to setting a high standard to maintain our reputation for quality in all of our janitorial services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer janitorial and office cleaning services for all types and sizes of businesses and facilities. Our customers are our number one concern. Our goal is make the cleanliness of your business something you no longer need to worry about. Depending on your specific needs, these services can include trash removal from designated trash receptacles, restocking of paper products and supplies, tidying and disinfecting counter tops and other surfaces, dusting and high dusting, vacuuming, mopping and attending to floor treatments.

Streak Free Window Cleaning

When our skilled professionals clean your windows you can clearly see the difference. Our highly trained and experienced experts keep your windows “Sparkly Clean”. We can design a plan to fit any budget. We use the latest ergonomic swivel lock squeegee handles and bio-degradable professional strength glass cleaners for a clean “Green” streak free result every time. We clean all Glass Surfaces, both inside and outside.

Waxing and Maintaining Hard Floors

We offer a wide array of janitorial services to restore and maintain your hard floors. We provide a floor cleaning process that eliminates dirt from your floor. Our cleaning process is designed to restore the shine of your hard flooring while extending the amount of time between cleanings. First, we clear all loose dirt from foot traffic an other objects. Loose dirt will make your floor wear quicker and lose its shine. Next, we remove any stuck, or embedded, dirt. After a spill dirt can get ground into the flooring making it look dull and dirty. Removing embedded dirt requires a carefully crafted process to lift dirt outward, rather than forcing it further in. Finally, we restore the shine by removing the hazy or tarnished look with our polishing.

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